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Machine Description

Machine Model : CPU20J-S4


Main components

1、 Tank Systems:

   1).A B Tank(Polyether polyols)structure:

Acid-proof stainless steel (argon arc welding (1Cr18Ni9Ti  304)) tank, is equipped with spiral baffle heating (or cooling) jacketed, outside of polyurethane rigid foam insulation blanket, do energy-saving .Under the tank there is hot air circulation heating, heating the raw material more stable.Outside there is an oven type rock wool insulation layer, to achieve the effect of temperature and energy saving.

2、Metering and Mixing system

   1)An open-loop flow control system is formed by the tank unit, metering pump unit, pipeline unit and mixing unit。

①Metering device system: metering pump, metering pump box, metering pump reducer, filter device, temperature, pressure sensors, etc

②According to the parameters of the total pouring amount and mixing ratio required by the formula, the measurement accuracy error is 3.5~5‰, and the measurement and ratio are always accurate and stable.

③In order to achieve accurate automatic control of measurement, the motor and gear reducer inverter are used to drive the actuator.

   2)Pipes Unit:

①The material tube is heated by electricity and has an insulating sleeve outside, and the liquid is transported in the inner tube.Metering pump and casting head electric heating, temperature error≤±2℃。

   3)Mixing Unit:

①The mixing device adopts the anti-dumping device (patented technology) with ingenious structure and convenient replacement to make the mixing shaft run at high speed without back feeding or channeling。

②The mixing head is made of alloy aluminum material, which ensures uniform mixing and does not produce bubbles within the adjustable range of mixing ratio of pouring 。

③With static pressure balancing device (patented technology), this technology eliminates the flow error, so that the ratio of materials in the mixing process is stable

Technical parameters 

1. Output : 0.25~5kg/min

2. Three-phase AC 380V + zero line + (ground) frequency: 50HZ total power 35KW wire 10 square line

3. Air source: The outer diameter of the inlet pipe is 8mm and the pressure is 0.6~0.8MPa.

4. Three components mixing ratio: A: B:C = 100: 60:5 ~ 20

Raw Chemical Components


Output :  g/min 





1. Q : Are you factory or trade company ?  

    A: Yes. We are professional polyurethane equipment factory . Our factory started in 1998.

2. Q: What’s the delivery time ?

    A: Normally the delivery time 25-50 days .

3. Q: Do you have the  raw material test  service?

    A: Yes, we can assist  test report for product

4. Q: Which shipping way can you provide?

    A: We can provide shipping by sea, by train.

5. Q: What’s your after-sale service?

    A: Our quality warranty period is one year. Any quality problem will be solved to customer satisfactions.  

7  Q: Which certificate do you have?

    A: CE and ISO.

8. Q: How can we get a quote?

    A:Contact us with specification: such as output , pumps , PLC , finished products photos , material, design, size

9. Q:Can you help with the design?

    A:Yes, Simply design free

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