Polyurethane PU Dispensing Machine

Product Category: Two-component elastomer casting machine Polyurethane PU dispensing machine The Machine is used for making PU type polyurethane Elastomer products like wheels , castors. Components: prepolymer , Cross agent with any kind of additive, pigment, and catalyst Heating Power: Electric Heating The PU dispensing machine Machine is for making casting type polyurethane Elastomer products like wheels , castors..

Product Details

Two-component elastomer casting machine 

Polyurethane PU dispensing machine


Product parameters

Product Category:  Two-component elastomer casting machine Polyurethane PU dispensing machine

The  Machine is used for making PU type polyurethane Elastomer products like wheels , castors.

Components:  prepolymer , Cross agent  with any kind of additive, pigment, and catalyst
Heating Power: Electric Heating

Ⅰ.Product Models: CPU20J-D1:

The PU dispensing machine Machine is for making casting type polyurethane Elastomer products  like wheels , castors..


Ⅱ.Key Features:

1. PU dispensing machine can make OEM ODM .  All the data is adjustable

2. High-temperature resistant low-speed high-precision metering pump; accurate matching, flexible adjustment, and measurement accuracy error: ≤±0.5%.
3. Independent PLC control system in the branch temperature controller of each group, with special electric heating system, oven, piping and values which can be adjusted separately; multi-point temperature control device is used to ensure that the raw material to maintain a constant temperature throughout the cycle process; temperature error: ≤2℃.
4. The mixing device is reasonably designed
5. The color paste directly goes into the mixing device; different colors can be switched at any time; the mixing is uniform and the metering is accurate.
6. Imported Siemens PLC controller to monitor the entire control system; it will automatically make the judgment of abnormity, diagnosis and alarm, abnormal factors display, PLC module control, casting, automatic cleaning, and air blast; stable performance and strong operability.
7. Vacuum degassing system.
8.Direct injection of additives into the mixing chamber.
9. Mechanical seal.
10. The electric heating and a multipoint temperature control device.
11.Excellent dynamic tooth type design

III.Working conditions:

Component NameMixing ratioTemperature(℃)Viscosity (CPS)
A (TDI prepolymer)10060-100℃﹤2000
B (MOCA etc.)4400280-125℃﹤100
C  Color paste0.5-3Room temperature50-2000

IⅤ.Main parameters:

Total Flow Rate (g/min)250-8001000-35002000-50003000-80005000-150008000-2000010000-30000
A Tank capacity (L)160160250250400400400
B Tank capacity (L)30308080808080
Pouring head stirring speed(r/min)3000-50003000-50003000-50003000-50003000-50003000-50003000-5000
Height from the ground(mm)1200120012001300130013001300
Total power(kw)22222525313232

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