The Relationship Between Polyurethane Foam Machine Equipment And Temperature

- May 27, 2020-

Polyurethane foaming machine equipment has a great relationship with temperature, because foaming is carried out by heat. If there is no heat, the blowing agent in the system cannot evaporate and foam cannot be formed. The heat comes from two aspects, one is the heat generated by the chemical reaction; the other is the heat provided by the environment. The heat of chemical reaction is a fixed value, not affected by external factors, but the heat provided by the environment changes with the change of the ambient temperature.

        When the ambient temperature is high, the environment can provide heat to the reaction system, which can increase the reaction speed and shorten the reaction time. The performance is that the foam is fully foamed, and the density of the foam surface and the core is close. When the ambient temperature is low, part of the reaction heat is radiated into the environment, and the loss of heat causes the foam maturation period to be extended and increases the foam molding shrinkage rate; the test shows that the same foam material foams at an ambient temperature of 15 ℃ The volume is 25% smaller than the foaming volume at 25 ° C. On the other hand, a hard skin that is not sufficiently foamed or even foamed will be formed on the foam surface, which increases the foam pouring amount and increases the foam production cost.