Product Introduction Of Solvent PU Leather Coating Machine

- May 31, 2020-

1. Product Type

Zecheng glue coating machine is also called squeegee machine, automatic glue spraying machine. Can achieve self-adhesive or manual bonding, the purpose is to make their bonding more precise and fine.

Second, the role and characteristics

1. In operation, spray liquid such as glue or paint on the surface of the product to be processed through a specific machine.

2. Adopt three-axis linkage system, which can realize fully automatic operation.

3. Adopt PLC computer programming control, spray according to the map according to the path of programming control, and customize the function according to different needs.

4. The thickness and time of spraying can be set by yourself, which has the characteristics of convenience, flexibility and high efficiency.

5. Configure the additive system, which can add color paste, additives and other additives simultaneously during production.

6. The total flow during continuous operation can be adjusted at any time, or linked with the speed of the assembly line.

7. The full name of the activity organization is digitalization, which optimizes the distribution of material and reduces mechanical wear.

8. High compatibility of quantitative transmission system, suitable for raw materials of different manufacturers.

3. Application fields

It is mainly used for gluing of artificial leather and many leathers, including leather goods, leather bags, etc. It can also be used for bonding in the case of insulation of some electronic products.