he United States has introduced a revolutionary new SWD polyurethane spray foam insulation openings

- Sep 04, 2017-

Mesa Arizona news, SWD revolutionary new polyurethane spray foam products Quik-Shield 108 can immediately service partner sales across the country. The latter is the largest residential insulation products and related accessories distributor. This allows insulation contractors throughout the United States more easily available to the market the most efficient and lowest density open-cell foam.

SWD Quik-Shield 108 is a breakthrough progress polyurethane open-cell foam. It has 0.4pcf very low density and very strong adhesion of the foam filling whole. In addition, the foam can also be an unprecedented long-range spraying, spraying by making a 20% increase work efficiency and reduce the frequency of use of scaffolding or ladders, to create a safer place to work.

"Part of the cooperation with the SWD and the revolutionary new spray foam as our product sales makes us feel very excited", Lonnie McCaron services from partner companies said. "From a contractor has used the product, we get are all excellent feedback in terms of performance, Quik-Shield 108 creates a higher standard for the opening spray foam."

Service Partners Inc. is the nation's leading specialty building products distribution company, to provide significant value to their customers through superior service and reliability. Service partner of the company and the country's leading building products manufacturer entered into a strategic partnership in order to diversify their products, an important strategic position of the device, the industry's most complete and efficient order processing and delivery system speed, operating a nationwide distribution network.