Key elements of High temperature elastomer casting machine-CPU30J-GD seriesmachines include:

● Powerful electrical heating for easy maintenance

● Accurate metering for consistent mixing ratios

● Dynamic mixing system for enhanced mixing

● Electrical mixhead heating

I.Product Classification: CPU

II. Functions and features:

1. The raw material tank adopts the hot air circulation of electric heating(patented technology), which makes heating faster, efficient, energy saving 50% , safe and environmental.

2. High-temperature resistant low-speed high-precision metering pump; accurate matching, flexible adjustment and measurement accuracy error:≤±0.5%.

3. Independent PLC control system in the branch temperature controller of each group , with special electric heating system, oven, piping and vales which can be adjusted separately; multi-point temperature control device is used to ensure that the raw material to maintain a constant temperature throughout the cycle process; temperature error:≤2℃.

4. The mixing device is reasonably designed: homogeneous mixing.

5. Equipped with the color paste control system and the color paste directly goes into the mixing device; different colors can be switched at any time; the mixing is uniform and the metering is accurate.

6. Adopt the imported Siemens PLC controller to monitor the entire control system; it will automatically make judgment of abnormity, diagnosis and alarm, abnormal factors display, PLC module control, casting, automatic cleaning and air impact.

7.Automatic degassing system:bubble free.

8. Pressure regulating valve ( patented technology), which removes flow error and improve measuring accuracy.

9.Effective energy saving because of thick insulation layers on the tank cabins.

10.Excellent mixing chamber and agitate geometry for optimum mixing quality even when the raw materials are difficult to mix.

11.ZeCheng 's machine head can be completely dismantled , easy to clean.

12.Electric heating type mixed head.

13.Multi component agitation system can be added.

14.Raw material recirculation for temperature uniformity.

15.Adopting a mechanical seal in the mixed head.

16.Up to 99 formulations.

III. Application:

Advanced Polyurethane Casting Machine is fit for making casting type polyurethane elastomer products with MOCA ,HQEE and BDO as chain extender.Such as rubber roller, high load solid core wheel, mines sieve plate, hydraulic seal ring, photovoltaic guide pulley wear-resistant materials in metallurgy,medical ,roller,printing , mine and paper-making industry etc.