What should be paid attention to in the use of polyurethane foaming machine

- Dec 30, 2020-

1. Add materials to the barrel of the polyurethane foaming machine, do not add the wrong materials, see the AB material clearly;

2. Start the industrial chiller, set the required temperature, and control the material temperature to a suitable position;

3. Close the feed valve, start the nitrogen cylinder pressure valve for inflation and pressurization, and open the compressed air valve to reach a specific pressure.

4. Start the special main gate of the polyurethane foaming machine and the power knob on the left side of the instrument panel. When the POWER SUPPLY indicator appears, the green light is on, and then the oil pressure system is turned on. When it is stable, press the low pressure cycle button to start the low pressure cycle.

5. Start the high-pressure cycle to exchange heat between the black and white material circulation in the tank and the circulating water in the industrial chiller, so that the temperature of the black and white material reaches the set temperature requirement.

6. Set the injection time on the dashboard, and perform injection according to the corresponding requirements on the gun head.

7. After the production of the polyurethane foaming machine is finished, close the nitrogen cylinder gas valve and the compressed air inlet valve, then stop the internal circulation of the foaming machine, reset the left power button and pull down the main brake to turn off the power.