What is polyurethane material?

- Oct 31, 2019-

Polyurethane material is the abbreviation of polyurethane, the English name is polyurethane, which is a polymer material. Polyurethane is an emerging organic polymer material, which is known as the fifth largest plasticand is widely used in many fields of the national economy due to its excellent performance. Product applications include light industry, chemical, electronics, textile, medical, construction, building materials, automotive, defense, aerospace, aviation and so on.

Application: Furniture application: 1. Paint, 2. Paint, 3. Adhesive, 4. Sofa, 5. Mattress, 6. Seat armrest. Household appliances application: 1. Electrical insulation paint 2. Wire and cable sheath 3. Insulation layer of refrigerator, freezer, disinfection cabinet, water heater, etc. 4. Washing machine electronic device waterproof potting glue. Construction application: 1. Sealant, 2. Adhesive, 3. Roof waterproof insulation, 4. Cold storage insulation, 5. Interior and exterior wall coating 6. Floor paint, 7. Synthetic wood, 8. Runway, 9. Waterproof plug Leakage 10 Plastic floor. Transportation industry applications: 1. Aircraft, automotive interior parts, armrests, headrests, door panels, dashboards, steering wheels, bumpers, cushions, fenders 2. Carpet lining, Paint 3. Insulation insulation parts, pipelines 4. Sealing gaskets 5. Snow chains. Application in shoes and leather industry: 1. Inner and outer soles of shoes 2. Adhesives 3. Leather finishing agent 4. Artificial leather and synthetic leather coating. Application in the sports industry: plastic sports venues (including basketball, volleyball, badminton, tennis courts, runway laying), sportswear (dance suits, swimwear, dance wear); sports shoes, scooters.