Common troubleshooting of polyurethane foaming machine

- Nov 25, 2020-

1. Connect the power switch, the power indicator does not light up

Open the back cover of the chassis and check whether the main system fuse is blown.

2. The foam is crisp and the color is deep

1. Check the white material side filter screen, the white material hole of the gun nozzle, whether the oblique hole is blocked, whether the filter screen at the bottom of the white material pump is blocked, and clean it if there is.

2. Increase the white material temperature or pressure appropriately. (It can be simply summarized as: too much black material)

3. The spray state is not ideal:

Reasons for temperature: If the temperature is too high, the foaming agent in the polyol will vaporize, which will cause the raw materials to produce a fluffy effect, causing the raw materials to fly too much; The two kinds of raw materials are not uniformly mixed, resulting in waste, resulting in low foaming ratio and poor insulation effect of the product.

Pressure reason: If the pressure of the polyurethane foaming machine is too high, the sprayed raw materials will splash and rebound severely or fly too much; if the pressure is too low, the raw materials will be mixed unevenly.

4. The A or B pump jumps quickly, and the nozzle discharge is reduced or

1. Stop the machine immediately to check whether the black or white material barrels are empty. If so, replace the materials and drain the air in the feeding pipe to be energized. Otherwise, the empty material pipe will easily burn the heating line!

2. Check whether the pump head and the air nail joint are loose.

5. The foaming of the polyurethane foaming machine is white and soft and debonding

1. Check the black material side filter screen, gun nozzle material hole, oblique hole is blocked, if there is, clean it.

2. Increase the temperature and pressure of the black material appropriately. When the air pressure is close to the starting pressure of the air compressor, it is slow, and the foam shrinkage should appropriately reduce the white material pressure. (It can be simply summarized as: too much white material)