Ⅰ. Brief Introduction:

The polyurethane artificial leather gumming machine is fit for making toys, packaging, leather, home appliances, electronic products, etc., self-adhesive or bonding can be achieved manually, the purpose is to make them more precise adhesion of thin solid. non-toxic, environmentally friendly, material saving and very popular in the market.

Ⅱ. Product Classification:

Artificial leather gumming.

Ⅲ. Functions and Features:

1. During the operation, sprayed onto the surface of the product tobe processed through the machine.

2. Triaxial linkage system can be fully automated operation.

3. Imported PLC control programme.

4. Automatic set coating thickness and time , with convenient, flexible, and high efficiency.

5. The system can be synchronized add color paste and other additives in the production.

6. Total flow of continuous operation can be adjusted at any time, or with the line speed linkage.

7. Quantitative high compatibility transmission system to adapt to different manufacturers ratio of raw materials.

8.DMF free

Ⅳ. Application:

This type of the coating machine is fit for making solvent free artificial leather and many kinds of leather coating, including leather , purses and some electronic products can also be used to insulation case for bonding.